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Climate change is affecting Antarctica’s penguin population

ANTARCTICA: 5 MAY 2017: Climate change is affecting Antarctica’s penguin population, which is reducing rapidly, especially in regions where the impact of global warming is felt the most. The population is expected to plummet by 60 percent at the end of this century. The main reason for their plummeting population is the warming of sea […]

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Climate change warming Asian waters, altering monsoon

NEW DELHI: 1 MAY 2017:  Each year as temperatures rise across India, farmers look to the sky and pray for rain. The all-important monsoon forecast becomes a national priority, with more than 70% of India’s 1.25 billion citizens engaged in agriculture and relying on weather predictions to decide when they will sow their seeds and […]

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ECLAC wants continued development assistance to middle-income countries in the Caribbean

 SANTIAGO, Chile, 2 MAY 2017: The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena, says middle-income countries in the region should continue receiving official development assistance (ODA) to be able to make progress on closing the gaps that persist in diverse areas. In addressing the Latin America and Caribbean Dialogue […]

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